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'Freedom' - Marion Bloem

Music: Tjeerd Oosterhuis  - Video: Yvonne Maya Bakker

Voice-overs a.o. - Jan Mulder, Katja Schuurman, Hind, Edsilia Rombley, Howard Komproe, Thé Lau, Denise Jannah, Inci Pamuk, Stijn van der Loo

About 'Freedom' - Marion wrote the poem in 1999 at the request of Het Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei. It was selected as a video poem to be broadcast on television several times a day for a month in May 2000.

After a call on Facebook in May 2011, the poem was translated into several languages. There are now more than 100.

Translating this poem about freedom confronts us with the various ways in which different countries, cultures and population groups deal with 'freedom'. Expressions and imagery associated with 'freedom' are not always translatable. Therein lies the immediate challenge of approaching the content of the poem in the relevant language as closely  as possible. The translations vorm  in turn inspire the making of video clips.

'Freedom' is one of the most misused concepts of our time. It is used to justify wars, to affirm differences between cultures and religions, to defend policies, and to propagate the free market principle and the related idea of freedom of consumption.  The poem embodies the discussion about the balance between guarding the rules that allow coexistence with others and the importance of the individual to live freely. Art challenges you to think about it.
In 2005 Tjeerd Oosterhuis made an audio clip of the poem “Freedom” for the campaign “Een Royaal Gebaar”, intended to effect a general pardon for asylum seekers who had lived in the Netherlands for more than five years. It became a great success.

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