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Literature is my husband, film is my friend, and visual arts is my lover.’


Marion Bloem (born 24 August 1952 in Arnhem, The Netherlands) is a Dutch writer and film maker of Dutch-Indonesian (Indo) descent. She is best known as author of the literary acclaimed novel ‘Geen gewoon Indisch meisje’ (No ordinary Indo girl) and director of the 2008 feature film ‘Ver van familie’ (Far from family).Bloem is a second generation Indo immigrant born in a family of four children. Her parents, Alexander and Jacqueline Bloem, repatriated from Indonesia in 1950. Her father is also a survivor of the Junyo Maru disaster. Bloem, herself a psychologist, is married to Dutch author and physician Ivan Wolffers. Their son, Kaja Wolffers, is a filmproducer.Next to her career as an author and film director, Bloem is also a visual artist whose work is exhibited around Europe. Bloem wrote the poem 'Freedom', that has been translated into more than 100 languages and is published all over the world, distributed in print and in videos on youtube.

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