Marion celebrates 50 years author anniversary in style:

Luxurious re-issues of 2 bestsellers

In 1972 Marion Bloem signed her first writers contract. After a number of successful children's books, she wrote her debut novel in 1982: Not An Ordinary East-Indies Girl. The book also got quite some attention from the international literary world. In a short time, more than 350,000 copies were sold. Forty years and several books later, A Girl Aged Hundred (2012) was published, about the life story of Moemie, a girl who sees things that others fail to notice.


Deluxe bound editions - On the occasion of this anniversary year, the books will be published in deluxe bound editions. In the winter of 2023, Bloem's new 'girl's novel' will be published: The Girls from the Village, with a cover that matches these two books.

Would you like to make a reservation? - Both luxury editions can already be reserved. Including via .

Marion Bloem, writer, filmmaker, artist

Mezza:"You're turning seventy soon. Do you feel like a seventy-year-old girl?"

'I remained a child of twelve for a very long time, no matter how old I became. Someone full of question marks who does not fully understand what is going on, but who does know what is right and wrong and what life is all about. A child is not yet corrupted, always sees the purity. I've had that for a long time. That changed a bit towards the age of fifty. Then I didn't want to go on all those work trips of Ivan that I was always 'the wife of'. But I did allow him those trips, as we always give each other space. I was relatively alone then and I had to set new standards, work out different rules of conduct and codes – just like when our son left home. 

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Marion Bloem wint Constantijn Huygens-prijs

dinsdag 8 november - Het Literatuurmuseum organiseert de toekenning en de uitreiking van de Haagse literatuurprijzen.

Marion Bloem (70) ontvangt de Constantijn Huygens-prijs 2022 voor haar gehele oeuvre: romans, verhalen en gedichten. 


Marion Bloem turns seventy this month and has been a writer for fifty years. She gets everything out of life with her husband Ivan Wolffers, with whom she has been together since 1971 and for whom she cares because of his serious illness. “My love brings out the softness in me.”

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